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The recipe has been modified to fit a 9-inch cake pan. The conversion I found on the internet worked really well. (radius) want to use divide it by recipe pan (ex. (4.5 x 4.5) ÷ (4 x 4) = 20.25/16 = 1.26 use this number to multiply your ingredients. Make sure you have a scale to make this cake.

350F, two 9x2 inch round baking pan lined with parchment paper
1) 320 g all-purpose flour
1) 466 g (16.44oz) granulated sugar
1) 91 g natural unsweetened cocoa powder
1) 13 g baking soda
1) 1¼ tsp. (5 g) baking powder
1) 1¼ tsp. salt
2) 18 g vinegar
2) 279 g whole milk
3) 110 g canola oil
3) 2 large eggs, room temp
3) 1¼ tsp. vanilla extract
4) 280 g water, room temp

Combine (2) and set aside for 10 minutes.

Combine (1) and sift and set aside.

In a mixing bowl combine (2) and (3) mix thoroughly then add in (4). Set mixer to stir then add in (1) mix until just combined.

Weight of batter 1702g, divide batter equally into two into 9x3 pan.

Bake at 350F for 35 minutes.

5) 252 g whipping cream
6) 252 g dark chocolate

In a pan heat whipping cream on med heat, when it is hot add the chocolate pieces let it rest for 1 min, then stir until chocolate has melted.

Allow ganache to cool in the freezer for ~15 minutes. When cool, beat the ganache cream until fluffy and pale.

Spread half of the ganache onto the cake or all of it depending on how you want the layers to look.

7) 252 g whipping cream
8) 252 g white chocolate

Same procedure as black ganache

This one did not thicken very much when whipped using hand mixer. Used blendtec to whip it thick.

Maybe heat it longer next time?

Since the white ganache was still a bit runny. Frosted half then refrigerated cake to harden the layer then frosted it with the remaining white ganache.

Then topped off with the rest of saved black ganache and put the second cake on top.

It is enough to coat the cake as is
9) 175 g whipping cream
10) 125 g milk chocolate (or dark)
10) 50 g white chocolate (optional)

Same procedure as above.

It was enough as is.
11) 100 g whipping cream
11) 1 tbsp. (20g) honey
12) 100 g dark chocolate
13) 20 g white chocolate
13) 1 tbsp. milk

In a sauce pan heat (11) until hot then add (12), let chocolate sit for 1 min then stir until all chocolate is melted. Remove from heat then drizzle onto the cake.

Modification: melt white chocolate with some milk and drop on top of the glace and make swirly pattern.

Used just white chocolate as per recipe, but it harden alot and made cutting a bit difficult. Try doing modification next time.