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375F, yield 2 loaves
1) ¾ cup water (110F)
1) ¼ cup packed brown sugar, remove 2 tbsp. add into water and the rest add into milk
1) 4½ tsp. active yeast (2pkgs)
2) 1 cup whole milk
2) 1 tbsp. fennel, crushed
2) 2 tsp. caraway seeds, crushed
2) zest of an orange
2) ¼ cup molasses
2) 2 tsp. salt
3) 2½ cup rye flour
4) 2 tbsp. (28g) unsalted butter, room temp cut into pieces
5) 3 cup bread flour

Combine (1) set aside for 10min.

In a saucepan combine (2) warm to 110F.

Into a mixing bowl add the rye flour (3),(2),(1), beat until smooth. Add the butter (4) then add enough bread flour (5) to form a smooth dough. Allow dough to pull from the sides of the bowl. Kneed for 8minutes.

Transfer into greased bowl covered with warm damp cloth and saran wrap on top allow it to rise for 1.5 hours. (Use oven set at 170F, turn off, then put bowl in)

Punch dough down and divide into 2 pieces. Flatten and roll into logs to fit loaf pan. Cover it the same as before. Allow dough to rise until double in size about 1 hour.

Place loaf pans on two stacked cookie sheets so the bottom of the loaf does not burn during baking.

Bake at 350F for 30 minutes.

First rise (1½ hrs.)

Second rise (1 hr.)