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1) 350g bread flour
1) 100g whole wheat
1) 50g rye flour
2) 370g water, room temp
3) 100g sourdough levain
4) 10g sea salt

left using a banneton, right is using parchement and bowl.

Weekday routine:

7am: Prepare Levain

40g starter + 20g bread flour + 20g rye flour + 40g water


Combine flour and water in a bowl and mix using dough whisk, let it sit for 1 hour to autolyse


Add 100g of prepared levain, and mix it in using dough whisk


Add the salt and work it in the dough


stretch and fold every 30 minutes.


stretch and fold and bulk fermentation


stretch and fold and bulk fermentation


do window pane test to see if there is enough gluten network built up. Decide to either shape or let it rest for another stretch and fold.

Do final shaping and place in banneton (sprinkled with rice flour). Cover with shower cap and place in the fridge.

3:30pm (after work the next day)

Pre-heat oven with dutch oven for 1 hour at 450F


Take dough out of fridge. Using a lame slice the top and bake loaf in the dutch oven with cover at 450F for 20 minutes. Make sure to put a pan on the bottom rack so that the crust does not get to hard.

After 20 minutes remove cover and bake for additional 35 minutes.