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Fry in oil, makes 19
1) 1 cup (120g) glutinous rice flour
1) 2 ½ cup (563g) water
1) 1 tsp. (6g) salt
19 sheets seaweeed
sesame seed
pepper flakes

In a sauce pan over medium heat cook (1) with constant stirring for 10 minutes until you get a thick paste. Set aside to cool.

Using a spatula spread paste on half of the seaweed sheet, fold then spread paste on top then garnish with seasame seed and pepper flakes.

Arrange in dehydrator or on the pan with parchment.

Dehydrator: 2 hours on, 1 hour off, 1 hour on.

Oven: 200F 30min, 1 hour off, 200F 30min, repeat until dry.

Did dehydrator and oven because no enough room in dehydrator.

Fry in oil using a shallow pan 5 sec each side x 2 = 20 sec total.

Freeze dried seaweed. Fried seaweed store in freezer.