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Juice rhubarb using juicer. Skim off the froth on top and allow the juice to stand in the fridge undisturbed.

Decant clear juice to use for the jelly.

6 x 250mL
1) 1097g Rhubarb juice
2) 7 cup (1295g) granulated sugar
2) 2 tbsp. (38g) lemon juice
4) 1 vanilla bean seed
3) 2 pouches liquid pectin

In a large pot boil canning jars in water with a little vinegar. Boil for at least 30 minutes.

In a large pot boil rhubarb juice down to 3 ½ cup (788g). Add sugar and lemon juice. Use a strainer while adding the vanilla bean to catch any scrapped fibre of the bean. Heat to rolling boil and add in liquid pectin. Boil for 1 min.

Remove from heat and fill in jars.

I did make this recipe twice because the first time the jelly did not set when 4 tbsp. of powdered pectin was use as suggested for alternative. (Left jar)

Concentrating the juice down to the required amount makes for better jelly - color and taste. The first batch is very sweet while the second batch still has some sour note of the rhubarb.