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yield: 1¼ quarts/1.2L
1) 5 cup (600g) strawberry, chopped
1) 85 g sugar
2) 4 egg yolks
2) 85 g sugar
3) 7 tbsp. (100mL) milk
3) 1 2/3 cup (400mL) whipping cream
3) 3 tbsp. (69g) honey or corn syrup

Combine (1) set aside, stir occationally till sugar dissolves, then blend and strain mixture. Refrigerate the puree.

Saucepan (3) bring to a boil ~170F, remove from heat.

Cream (2) until light and fluffy in a big bowl, and temper with the hot milk. Heat until thicken 3-5min. Do not go above 175F/80C.

Use ice water bath to cool rapidly, mix in puree and refrigerate.

Process in ice cream maker.