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Pan fry, makes 8
1) 3¾ cup (525g) all-purpose flour
1) 1 tsp. (4g) baking powder
1) ¼ tsp. (2g) baking soda
1) 400g (~1¾ cup) water, room temp
2) ¼ cup (35g) all-purpose flour, additional
3) ¼ cup (50g) shortening, melted
3) ¼ cup (44g) 31g canola oil
3) 1 tsp. (4g) sesame oil
3) 47g green onions, chopped
3) 2 tsp. (12g) sea salt

In mixing bowl combine (1), roughly stir with dough hook, add in (2) gradually. Knead for 8 minutes. Dough 946g ÷ 8 = 118g. Divide dough and cover with saran wrap. Let it rest for 30 minutes.

In a bowl combine (3) and set aside.

Flatten each dough and spread 18g of filling. log roll, coil and tuck end down and flatten.

Pan fry at #3 heat setting for 3 minutes each side.