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350F, two 9" pan line bottom with parchment paper
1) 297g all-purpose flour
1) 447g granulated sugar
1) 66g natural unsweetened cocoa powder
1) 11g baking soda
1) 5g baking powder
1) 7g salt
2) 286g buttermilk
(17g vinegar) substitute
(269g milk 1%) substitute
3) 107g canola oil
3) 3 large eggs
3) 2 tsp. (8g) vanilla extract
4) 257g (~1¼ cup) decaf coffee (1¼tsp. instant granules) or hot water

Combine (2) and set aside for 10 minutes. I did use vinegar and milk to make the buttermilk.

In a mixing bowl (1) and sift and set aside.

In a large bowl combine (3) and use whisk to incorporate then add in (2) then (4)

Pour wet ingredients into dry. Beat mixture for 2 minutes. Batter will be runny.

Weight of batter 1628g ÷ 2 = 814g. Divide batter into two 9" round pans.

Bake at 350F for 30 minutes.

makes 695g
1) 222g sugar
1) 44g water
2) 3 large egg whites
2) 3g cream of tartar
3) 409g unsalted butter, room temp.
4) 70g 70% dark chocolate

picture above: used Foremost Unsalted Butter.

Combine (1) in saucepan (ensure all sugar is 'wet' add more water as needed), heat until mixture reaches 248F, 5-10min

Meanwhile, whisk (2) medium-low speed until soft peaks, then slowly pour 248F syrup (1) and raise speed to high, until stiff peaks forms until mixture cools to 65-70F 5-10min.

Allow meringue to cool completely, then add butter (3) one tablespoon at a time at medium speed. Mixture may look curdled - raise speed to high.

Frosting should be smooth & thick.

In a saucepan melt chocolate (4), pour into 1 cup of buttercream then mix it all with the remaining buttercream.

Use buttercream immdiately or:

◊Refrigerate up to 1 week - bring to room temp about 1hr, then beat until soft and spreadable

◊◊Freeze up to 2 months - thaw in fridge

picture above: used Natrel Unsalted Butter